Dating your artwork, blog archive

Dating your artwork, blog archive

If I have a particular style I am working in, I want it to be known that I was working in this style with these ideas before or long after someone else. Are they interested in the art for its own sake? Sculptors need to apply some additional creativity to find a felicitous way to incorporate a date or code if desired.

So no, I no longer date my work. Publication can make this easier to prove. From that perspective, I would argue that, on balance, it is better to avoid overtly dating the work. It is these newer pieces that people can buy from me for less money to start their personal collections.

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Dating can be done on the back or somewhere not visible which accomplishes the same thing as front-dating. Dating works has a long art historical tradition. In this case I might consider putting it on the back instead.

Hence I continue to display matted original prints in a bin along with my newer work on exhibit. The date is more or less a non issue for me as long as the info is somewhere. Two years ago, my daughter bought me a canvas, brushes, and paints. Maybe both should be listed?

Dating work on the back is one less thing to work into the front. Dating of the work currently has to do with legal issues of copyright in an attempt to legitimacy of who created what when and how that influenced others who took on the style. But besides that, I see dating as unnecessary. Keep photo log or written log for yourself. Try saying your name out loud in different ways.

Are Crafts Eligible for Patents

Dating your artwork

This was decided after speaking to a few other artists and discussing the same issues you mentioned. There are certain qualifications for patentability. What about a rotating work, pieces that are part of an ongoing installation that grows over time.

You should date your work! Unless the individuals can remember I painted those artworks, or they wrote my name on the back themselves, I will forever be forgotten as the artist. It also leaves the artwork open for copying and anyone can then claim the artwork as theirs. Collectors spend a fortune trying to date and identify artwork to increase value.

How to Patent Artwork Everything You Need to Know

How to Patent Artwork Everything You Need to Know

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When he saw the date however he decided against it. However, dating site memes in time this became a detriment as my work improved greatly. That all sounds a bit complicated.

Debate Should You Include a Date on Your Artwork RedDotBlog

Situations like this can essentially bankrupt an individual who just had the temerity to have a good idea. We create unnecessary time parameters, in perceived shelf lives for our work. Great input everyone, and it does look like there are a variety of perspectives and reasons for those perspectives.

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  • In his afterwords, Stephen King includes the exact dates of beginning and completing his novels, and I always pause and reflect and feel those dates.
  • As another respondent noted, if someone were to be influenced by your work, but you later put a more recent date on it, it looks as though you have been influenced by the other work, not vice-versa.
  • With regard to dating art work, I totally agree with you.
  • When I sell a piece to a collector I explain the inventory number to them so that they understand it and its relative importance.

Dating Original Artwork

  1. This adds to clutter on the painting and can be distracting especially if the artist already has a long name.
  2. You can always add the date if someone cares for that, when they purchase the piece.
  3. Thank you Jason, I also do not date my work.
  4. Putting your inventory number on the back helps to keep track of which painting is being referenced and assures accuracy of sales records.
  5. The application must be accompanied by drawings, schematics, illustrations or photos of the artwork.
  6. On the back of each painting I have the framer include a pocket on the backing that is on the painting.
Dating artwork - ITD World

The problem is when the date trivializes the work. Fortunately, they were from recent years. On the other hand, publication does make it easier for others to copy an artist's work, which may happen without the artist ever knowing about it. So far, I have been placing dates on all my pieces. On the contrary, it strengthens the artist's protection.

The crafts industry deserves special consideration when it comes to patent protection. Have feelings both ways though. Artists go through different cycles during their careers and there work should be dated. Some even require art works be dated because their rules state all entries must be completed within two years. If an item is not eligible for copyright protection, fish it may be eligible for patent protection instead.


Dates should not be important. Yes, Jason I have to agree with you on this. But to be honest, I have also observed the issue of a client wanting only recent work. Included is the photo of the painting, the copyright date, the image size, the medium and support and information about the framing. In the end, it is a personal decision by the artist and you will never please everyone, no matter which way you choose to go.

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When it was hung in a gallery, there were questions about the date by potential buyers. How else is a curator or collector, online dating cornwall ontario or art historian going to be able to assess the growth or development of the artist? One is forced to date work when submitting for a grant. Some people are very adamant about doing it. And I had conflicting emotions about putting the date on my art.

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Some times I have left dates on it. Up until recently, I would have thought the date should not matter, matchmaking services edinburgh but over the past year I have had several instances to change my mind. But how about the artist putting the date of the work on the back of the piece. Who makes these rules up anyway?

Debate Should You Include a Date on Your Artwork

What Works for You Copyright Trademark or Patent

When we issue a Call, we are also looking for newer works of two year or less so we keep fresh work in the exhibitions. As classic beauty is ever fresh, we can only strive for our art to be such. It is very important for any art an artist creates to include the creation year.

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